Shed Pounds With These 6 Best Exercises

by Mike

Find Out More About The Best Exercise to Lose Your Belly

Many people desire to lose weight from around their belly area as this is the main area where fat begins to accumulate. Many individuals feel self-conscious about their stomach and are often seeking the best ways to lose fat. In order to shed tummy fat however you must participate in various exercises. Some exercises promise to target certain areas of your body and provide instant results, unfortunately however this is not true. You have to do exercises which target all muscles in order to lose belly fat.

Great Abdominal Exercises for Your Body

1) Lie down flat on your back and keep your hands at the sides of your body. Slowly begin to raise your legs up to a 45 degree angle, and then begin to move them in a cycling action. Do this cycling action for about fifteen times, and then repeat the exercise a further two times. This exercise helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles and helps you lose tummy fat.

2) Lie down flat on your back with your hands and slowly begin to raise your legs to a 90 degree angle this time, which will make your legs stand perpendicular to the floor. Lift your hips slightly so that your buttocks are not resting on the floor. Stay in this position for five to ten seconds before returning back to your normal position of lying on the floor. This will help to strengthen your lower abdomen and of course burn excess body fat.

3) Lie down flat on your back and place your hands at the back of your head. Slowly raise your legs to a 45 degree angle. Now begin to slowly start moving your body towards your legs and hold this position for three seconds before returning back to the normal positions. Do five sets containing 15 repetitions of this exercise. This will target and strengthen your upper ab muscles and help you to fight against belly fat.

4) Lie down flat on your back with your hands placed at the back of your head. Place your legs on a stool in order to make your thighs perpendicular to your lower abdomen. Now slowly begin to move your head towards you thighs, contracting your abdomen. Stay in this position for a few seconds before returning back to your normal position. This will help to strengthen your side abdomen muscles and of course will help you fat. I would recommend doing three sets of 15 repetitions.

5) Lie on the floor on your side with one hand supporting your head and the other hand resting on the side of your body. Slowly raise one of your legs to a 45 degree angle and stay in this position for two seconds before returning to the initial position. Do three sets of 15 repetitions, and then switch legs and do the same for the other side. This will help strengthen your side as well as your lateral ab muscles in particular.

6) The next exercise is a simple contraction work that you can do a number of times during the day whilst sitting down leisurely. Keep your palms wide open on your abdomen and then breathe in slowly, thus pulling your abdomen in. Stay in this pose for five seconds and then breathe out slowly. This will help to strengthen the walls of your abdomen as well as lose body fat.

Breathing control is very important in regards to doing exercises in the aim of losing belly fat. You must follow a regular breathing schedule in order to get the best results from your exercises.

A simple and misused exercise in regards to losing belly fat is cardiovascular exercise. A lot of people spend a lot of time doing cardio exercises, yet because they do not execute the exercise properly they fail to achieve the correct results. Partaking in the right kind of cardio is important. Cardio exercise with the aim of losing belly fat in particular must be intensive and short. There is no need to spend hours doing cardio exercises, instead you should perform intensive cardio in short interfiled spells rather than a long duration cardio workout. Find the best workout for you as it is essential you enjoy what you are doing.

High intensity interval cardio is the most effective way to lose belly fat. After every few minutes of your workout make sure you change the pace. For instance, the first segment may exert you greatly whilst the second segment makes you slow down. This type of cardio done for 2—25 minutes will give you the same results as a 45min basic cardio work out.

Try the following rhythm for as long as you like:

- 2-3 minutes medium paced run
- 1-2 minutes high paced run
- 2-3 minutes fast walk
- 1 minute sprinting
- 2-3 minutes medium paced run
- 2-3 minutes high paced run
- 2-3 minutes walk

Here is a brief on some of the best cardio exercises which will help you:

  • Running: Running is great because it works the entire body; from head to toe. It is strenuous and can be done outside or indoors on a treadmill.
  • Cycling: This can also be done outdoors or indoors on a stationary bike.
  • Swimming: Swimming is a great cardio and strength workout. It builds muscle tissue and many people find it one of the most enjoyable exercises to do.
  • Hiking and Walking: These are another great way to burn belly fat.
  • Yoga and Pilates: These exercises focus on strengthening your core muscles whilst improving balance, stability, flexibility, and of course losing body fat.
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mary September 9, 2010 at 3:04 pm

well i always had a wieght problem since i was a kid and no since im older i got job that doesnt really invole me doing anything but sitting around until the morning. grave shift isnt the best time to work out an to try to loose wieght an i have hardly anytime to do so and i gainned 15-20 pounds since i worked there. so i would love i can get some advise to lose wieght so i feel better for myself an my co workers an stop with theyre rumors ive been hearing

Fran October 18, 2010 at 1:55 am

Loosing weight has always been difficult for me Since I hurt my back I have been fortunet to be at Physio. My PT has giving me exercises to strengthen my core and I really fell I stronger then I have ever been Still working on my program 2X aday I have lost inches from my waste but more importantly my back is stronger and I am able to do a days work. I am in the health care field and need the strenght of muscle to support my bck and adomen. Good luck to all try and figure and plane that will working your schedule

sadia July 17, 2011 at 4:20 pm

hi i gained 22lb weight after the birth of my son now my son is 18 months old,and i still have that much weight i want to lose belly fat as well as hips.I read ur article n i love it and now iam trying to loose weight as u recommend in this article.I have an exercise ball at home. Tell me some exercises to do at home ,with exercise ball or just physical exercises.

taylore July 18, 2011 at 5:56 am

I’m only 12 and I want to lose weight really bad!!!!! I way 140 pounds. I even have stretch marks on me. I need some serious help on losing weight.

taylore July 18, 2011 at 5:58 am

I’m only 12 and I want to lose weight. I weigh 140 pounds and have stretch marks. I need some good tips on how to lose weight!!!!!

Ady July 18, 2011 at 6:24 am

I read the article and found it very helpful, the article expanded my view on how to lose belly fat, ideas too, and I believe gradually these exercise will also help me in building abbs.

Joshua July 18, 2011 at 6:45 pm

I’ve noticed all of the comments have been along the topic of, “Help me lose weight”. But no one has yet to comment on help for these unfortunate people.

Allow me to share my personal experience and advise.
Between december 2010, and december 2011, I dropped my weight from 230, down to 175.
Although my method was very rudimentary, I made a bunch of mistakes in losing this weight.
Here is how I did it, and my advice on doing it properly.

1st – Do not go into exercise, with the idea that you will lose tons of weight. Working out, be it, cardiovascular, or weight training, adds muscle tissue. This can be misleading, as you may see yourself lose small amounts of weight, but nothing huge like you intend. Any form of exercise will add muscle mass, and lower fatty tissues. So, instead of counting weight loss, make a picture or video log, of different angles of your body. After a month or more, of regular exercise, compare your first picture, to your last – You will notice the change in appearance begin, and the carving of muscles beginning to form. A lot of you do not necessarily need to lose weight, but more over, maintain weight, by adding muscle mass, and lowering fatty tissues. A 230 lb man like I was at the age of 18, is not an unhealthy weight, as long as it is comprised of a majority muscle mass, oppose to fat mass.

2nd – Positive attitude is a must. Every day that you look yourself in the mirror, your mind will begin to put yourself down, and provide yourself negative feedback. Ignore it. Improvement is an extended exercise outcome. Do not expect drastic differences immediately. Give it time, and refer to your picture log every month, comparing it to your very first snapshot, on day one. You will, using this method, increase your positivity and slowly feel better about your image. The greatest positive feedback I ever received, was hanging out with numerous old time friends I had not seen in half a year to a year, and hearing them all mention their notice of my image improvement.

3rd – A regular workout/exercise schedule is a must! Do not allow yourself to run out of time during the day. Even if you wake up at 6 am to go to work, get home, and feel too tired to exercise, make the time! Even if that means waking up a half hour earlier. A regular schedule does not necessarily mean every day. If you work out every other day, or every third day, it is still a patterned schedule.

4th – Vary the exercise. After about a month of doing a specific type of crunch, or push up, vary it, by adding rotations or elevation to the exercise. In regards to cardio training, change the route you run every couple of workouts. Even if it is as simple as running the same route, in the other direction. This variation of workout does not allow your muscles to get used to any specific pattern, but in fact, train them to push through pain, and start building the muscle desired.

5th – Pain is not the indication to stop. When you start to feel the pain kick in, from any exercise, that is the point at which your muscles have warmed up, and realized that you are pushing them beyond their typically comfortable feeling. When that pain kicks in, push yourself harder. If it took you half a second to pull your upper torso towards your thighs, and after 10 crunches, it now takes you 3 seconds, keep going.

6th – Lie to yourself. You will begin to notice that when you set yourself a goal repetition, “10 push-ups”, the closer you come to that goal, the more painful it begins. This is your mind, tricking you in to giving in. When you reach that 9th push-up, and you are 1 more away from your repetition, tell yourself to do 5 more. This is where the improvement actually kicks in.

7th – Probably one of the most important and hated tip, and mandatory fact – You MUST change your eating habit. Healthy eating, is what fuels the body for intensive work-outs. When I lost those 60 pounds in a year, I cut out fast food, soda, and alcohol completely out of my eating habits. It is very hard to cut off cold turkey, however, a proper eating dietary schedule makes a huge difference. Numerous servings of vegetables and fruit a day, are a must to keep the body healthy, and fueled with proper vitamins and nutrition.

I could continue on with at least 4 or 5 more tips, however this has begin quite a lengthy comment and I will end it here. If you have any further questions, motivation, or help required, feel free to e-mail me at:

I am here to help any who request it. Good luck to all at achieving their goal weight and body image.

Never forget any of you; NEVER give up.

brimahi February 14, 2012 at 6:43 pm

very helpful..i struggle with weight,& my problem is not cutting bck the foods i eat but maintaing an excersise schedule.

sukruti March 14, 2012 at 10:44 am 19yrs old weight is 60kgs , height 4.9 inches. Belly size is 38inches breast size 38.5 inches..i am very much worried. Want to decrese my belly and breast size along with my weight. Want a sexy body which will increse my self-confidence. Please help me.

Kimberly March 14, 2012 at 3:28 pm

I have started dieting and exersizing about 4 days ago and wanted to know i am going in the right direction. I have started eating more fruits and veggies and have started a cardio workout regiment along with daily walks about 2-4 miles a day. I guess i need to find a work out that focuses on the belly area, and dont really know where to go from here. is it ok to drink no calorie flavored water, or should I stick to regular water? Please reply, Thank you.

July Huagen March 17, 2012 at 5:57 pm

heey guys im a fourteen yearold girl and i am 5.6 and 135 pounds. So does that mean I am fat? I dont know if i should start thinking about going on a diet and start excersising more, please let me know

Tracy March 20, 2012 at 8:13 pm

I don’t want to loose weight, I just want to loose my belly fat. I am comfortable with the rest of my body, but my belly I hate it. Please tell me what I can do.

Mirela March 26, 2012 at 1:50 am

After the birth of my daughter I’m back to the weight I had, but I’m having difficulties loosing the belly fat (baby fat ). Please tell me some exercises I can do.

semi April 8, 2012 at 2:21 pm

hi m single,n m 23 year n ma height z 5.5… i put on my weight too much its about 70.i got fedup to to my lose belly fats …n heavy shoulders plz gimmi some gud suggestion..

rico April 15, 2012 at 1:49 pm

hahaha…..i love the comment of joshua…..nice one dude…i will do that…

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